Period’s a bitch period


Ever tried loosing weight being on your period? Period is a bitch. I feel like it’s different every month. One month its fine – gaining no water weight – not loosing while period is ongoing – but at least not gaining. This month, started being strict with my diet almost on point with the start of my period. And at 1550Kcal a day I’m not loosing – I’m gaining weight. I think in this case it’s pretty legit to call it a bitch!

I know, I know – its not over yet, I just have to wait and keep waiting and waiting and being on track with the diet so I can see what’s really going on. But I’m not that patient, especially not while I’m bleeding. I’m weighing more than at the beginning of this week – I will call that unfair! UNFAIR!

I think until this is all over I should just keep calm and track my food. Well at least – Weekend is coming up ;-).

It’s gonna be better soon, I know …….

Restroom, gas station Thörey, Germany

“The two choices women do have in the restroom” Gas station, Thörey, Germany













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